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imamabaza asked: Esinle gurupta esın hak ettıklerını verelım

I don’t know what the FUCK you just said, but I hope it was something nice!

bidieselgeminijockfoot asked: Hey bro, put it like this...I'm Bi but only 4 the best of both worlds...& mmmf, mmf, dp, cuckold, & gangbang porn scenes & fantasies are what make me rock hard & turn up all day! So thanks for all the fucking hot posts & most of all thanks for simply being you bro!! Peace, Ace Diesel

Awesome man, I’m glad you enjoy the blog! That’s what it’s all about for me when it comes to wanting to continue updating. Thank you for the kind words, man!

Anonymous asked: cameron canada request

She’s in this series in one of the GIF’s. And a please or thanks won’t kill ya, bud!

Anonymous asked: Can you man some Lucy Thai gifs sucking two cocks and doing some dp? She is one of my favorite pornstars and not many gifs exist of her, well to my knowledge. Keep up the great work man, your fuckin awesome

Hey dude, thanks for the kind words. Man, I do have a lack of Lucy Thai GIF’s on my blog. I need to remedy that some time. This is the only one I have made of her. I’ll work on that!

hillary-scott asked: Shit. I'd go for some Jasmine Byrne with you, buddy! :)

Hell yeah! Let me tell her to come over, and we can do our thing

love-9669 asked: i love you gifs ❤

I’m glad you like the blog!

Anonymous asked: Could I post some of your gifs on my imagefap page? I will ofcourse mention they came from your site. Thanks. Mike

Do what you will, man!

Great shot of Ashley Long

Great shot of Ashley Long

Wow, a full mailbox is always fun to see! I apologize I haven’t been updating like I used to. I’ve actually been given a promotion at work after only 3 months (go me!) so I’ve been a workaholic since. I do plan on getting around to responding to everyone and getting back to posting, but I don’t know when that will be. I just wanted to say I’m glad people are still getting off to the blog, and keep an eye peeled for new posts (hopefully soon)!

I don’t know who this is, but she wears that mess well!

I don’t know who this is, but she wears that mess well!

Barbie Cummings MMF 1: She sucks those dicks like a true pro

Barbie Cummings MMF 2: The beautiful view of that ass in a DP!

Barbie Cummings DP. Love that jiggling ass!

Anonymous asked: Ok, I tried to link the post I am wondering about, but it won't let me. The girl is blonde, and in a DP on a brown couch. She's got an amazing amazing body, big tits, and an ass that just won't quit. She's not too skinny, not too fat, she is that perfect meaty amount in between. She is also facing the direction of the camera, with hair in her face. I am seriously in love with this girl's body, I have to know who she is, please man!

Ah yes, I saw your other posts that you sent me too, lol. I know exactly which of my GIF’s you’re referring to, and you couldn’t be more right, good sir! That is Barbie Cummings. Just for you dude, I’m gonna do a larger GIF set of the GIF you were asking about. Coming up.


Anonymous asked: What is the best pay site for porn vids. You know what I like. Same as you. Girls taking on multiple men. I especially like amatuer stuff. I notice a lot of European amatuer type stuff has some really hot and natural girls doing multiples. Also love but it is hard to find good old American wives and girlfreinds passed around and teamed up on. Love ur blog and thanx for being there,

Best pay site? If you’re going strictly for ‘MMF’s and up’ type stuff, I will say that there is some really good niche sites that update under the 21st Sextury banner. Almost all european stuff. All around, I would say you can’t go wrong with Brazzers or JulesJordan.

Kink has some good gangbang material, BUT, there is a catch. All their stuff has a seriously rough and degrading theme to it. Kink used to regularly update a niche site called Bound Gangbangs, but the fans were some seriously twisted dudes (you could see it in the comments they left on each video), so much so, Princess Donna stopped updating it and began updating the niche site Hardcore Gangbang. The degrading stuff does the opposite of get me off, but that might be a plus for you, if so, then I think Kink would be a great choice for you.

Hope that helped, man. Thank you for the kind words about the blog!