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Request: A handful of people have requested to see this sex act. Laura getting fucked while receiving a facial. The guy fucking her has a front row seat to the action

Anonymous asked: Do you not respond to your requests anymore? I requested about a month ago now... Just wondering if you'll be getting to them? Thanks for your good blog!

I’m sorry bud! I wish I had time to knock all of them out. There are a lot of messages in my inbox I haven’t responded to yet. I work about 10-12 hours a day now. But I PROMISE, one day, I will really clear this thing out. No promises on when, though. Thanks for the kind words on the blog, sir.

I am, however, going to take a few minutes to GIF out something that has been requested by a handful of people. And that is a woman getting fucked while receiving a facial. Enjoy, those of you who requested this!

Miley Cyrus…. facial? lol

Have you guys seen this new Nicki Minaj video? Jesucristo! Let me just say I’m not a fan of this woman’s music at all… BUT GOD DAMN. I would fucking ravage Nicki and her big juicy ass any day. 

Isabel Ice getting her big booty double stuffed by two black studs. Look at her pushing back on the dicks. Love that shit!

longandporn asked: Can you post threesome videos plzzzz:D

Videos, no, sorry :( I have hundreds of GIF’s of threesomes though!

Anonymous asked: Where are you from in texas? Jw


Anonymous asked: Where are the ebony women ? I'm an ebony & I love seeing it

Go to the porn categories link at the top of my blog, then click black chicks :)

(Source: naijak)

Easin’ in the A

Anonymous asked: I love your blog and I have a lot of respect for you are a good human being :)

Anyone who would take note of that is a respectful and good human being. That means YOU


Anonymous asked: first awesome blog you're doing a great job

Thank you sir/mam, but what about secondly? :-p

sinful-nature asked: Just thought you'd like to know that I find your blog to be so enticing! It's Incredibly tasteful and hot! Fulfills all my secret fantasies in a one stop shop. Supreme satisfaction.

Thank you Thank you! That’s what it’s all about right there!

We’ll bring back good ol’ Sir Joseph Dirt to convey my reaction to this.


Anonymous asked: Thanks man for all the work you do to allow us to see those gifs. Can you please do one with a girl being triple penetrated? Thank you.

As I said before, I’ll one day get to posting some more shit. For now, here is all the Triple Pen stuff on my blog.